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CRM Industry group held anniversary team building activties

时间:2015/7/14 10:10:20 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

On the first anniversary of CRM Industry group, in order to further promote teamwork and execution ability, all the working staff in CRM Industry group headquarter participated in the teambuilding activities.


From July 4th to 5th, at Wancheng taining base, all the training staff was divided into two groups for the team competition. They carried out a series of team working activities, such as the “Pawns for water”, “Five minutes challenge”, “High broken bridge”, “The military training”, “Rapid 60 seconds” and other training programs. In the process of participation, the spirit of team working, mutual supporting and trust each other, have the courage to struggle and innovation have been spread. After completing all the training projects, training staff has shared their feelings and thoughts; through the training activities, it promoted teamwork ability and coordination.


Through the training, all trainees had a deeper understanding and experience in the change of mental models, challenge the physical ability limit, strengthen the team cooperation, improve their ability to execute, etc. All those training activities have make efforts to the progress of a new management team, they would continue to the work with the innovation consciousness, work enthusiasm and motivation.

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