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CEO Shen ZhaoJun had a meeting with the prime minister of the Republic of Cameroon

时间:2015/7/16 11:44:45 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

On June 19th, in the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, executive director and CEO Shen ZhaoJun had a meeting with the prime minister of the Republic of Cameroon Philemon, the two sides had in-depth exchange of views on strengthening the infrastructure construction cooperation. Joint-stock company President assistant Yang Yang and other relevant staff in international division attended in the meeting

During the meeting, firstly President Shen Zhaojun expressed appreciation to the invitation of prime minister. President Shen said that China Railway Materials Group, as a large productive service enterprise, has business operation covering rail, steel and other industries, the two sides have broad space for cooperation to complete each other; besides, two companies have reached an effective communication and good cooperation on specific projects; President Shen hoped the prime minister could give further support on CRM group’s projects’ development in Cameroon. In the meantime, the prime minister expressed warm welcome to the participation of CRM Group’s investment and active participation in local economic construction. Furthermore, he gave affirmation on CRM Group’s contribution to the development of Cameroon railway infrastructure and invited them to visit Cameroon, which could further deepen the bilateral cooperation of two sides.


Cameroon occupies a large proportion of the economic and monetary community in central Africa and it is one of the most powerful political and economic countries central Africa regions as well. CRM Group has already had in Cameroon railway infrastructure construction areas for cooperation. Under the impetus of the "three nets" plan, the friendship between the two countries would be further deepened and CRM Group in Cameroon’s market space would be further expanded.

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