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Taiyuan sleeper company carried out “Safe Production Month” activities

时间:2015/7/21 10:07:39 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

In order to further implement the spirit of safety committee office of the State Council “2015 National Safe Production Month" spirit, according to CRM joint-stock and industry group’s requirements, Taiyuan sleeper company carried out a series of activities, named" strengthen the security of the rule of law, guarantee the safe production "as the theme of" safe production month ".


To solidly carry out the "safe production month" activities, based on the reality of the current production and operation, the company leading group issued the notice of “implementing 2015 safety production month activities” and the activity plan, further defined the activity theme, time, organization, content and requirements. Through a variety of forms, such as meetings, blackboard and hanging banners, security departments work together with various grass-roots unit to extensively publicize of the significance, relevant safety laws and regulations of safe productions, and create a strong atmosphere of safety in production. Each basic unit respectively held a safety meeting and watched safety warning education video. Illustrating with examples, to give all the staff in a vivid warning education, general improvement in employees' safety consciousness, transfer the safe consciousness. On June 25th, in the sleeper workshop, the company organized organization for earthquake emergency evacuation drill, by practicing the staff and improve the safety awareness and emergency disposal ability, to achieve the intended purpose, has received a good effect. In summer days, in order to ensure the employee's health, the company made efforts to do a good job of cooling purposes production line employees, trade union activities in a timely manner to carry out the "cool", issued the cooling purposes object such as offering green beans, white sugar, inspired all the staff to work with enthusiasm, greatly inspired fighting the sweltering heat, production, safety, ensure to complete all tasks of energy throughout the year.


Through a series of "safe production month" activities, the company employees' safety awareness, accident prevention and treatment capacity have been increased significantly, and further strengthen the company security work, improve the safety management level, making contribution to the company's recovering and turning for better , as well as providing a strong security to realize the transformation of development.

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