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CEO Shen ZhaoJun had a meeting with Baicheng city mayor An Guiwu

时间:2015/7/21 11:19:15 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

On July 15th, CRM joint-stock company executive director and president Shen Zhaojun, vice President Dong Shaozhuang met with Jilin Baicheng city mayor An Guiwu. They had a friendly meeting focus on Zhenali grain logistics project, as well as expanding mutual cooperation. Joint-stock company President's office, planning and development department, CRM industry group leaders and Zhenlai company leaders, staff from local government attended the meeting.


President Shen Zhaojun firstly expressed welcome to the visiting of An Guiwu mayor and he appreciated the support from local government on Zhenlai grain logistic project. President Shen pointed out that China Railway Materials Group have rich experience in railway materials supply and warehousing logistics services, which has been on a path to the transformation of the productive services group. Baicheng city is located in three provinces’ border, which is the historical formation of the regional commodity collection and distribution center with obvious location advantage, resource advantage and great potential development in the future. With recent years’ railway infrastructure construction in Baicheng, the development of the logistics resources, the cooperation space between two parties will be broaden, he hoped that the two parties could continue to maintain the depth of communication, complementary advantages, to achieve mutually beneficial cooperation and win-win development.


An Guiwu mayor expressed thanks to president Shen Zhaojun’s warmly welcome. He made a brief introduction of current Jilin province economic and social development situation, mainly interpret the national strategy of "One Belt One Road", develop the historical opportunity of railway logistics and warehousing services. Mayor An praised China Railway Materials Group’s good achievements on transformation and appreciated CRM Groups’ economic contribution to Baicheng’s development. He hoped that the two parties could further strengthen cooperation, looking forward to making greater contributions to Baicheng’s  social and economic development.


During the meeting, the two parties exchange their views on "State Owned Enterprises entered into Jilin" activities; reach a consensus on many fields and strengthen further cooperation fields related to the specific matters.

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