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CRM Industry group held first half year economic activity analysis meeting

时间:2015/7/30 17:26:43 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

On July 22th, CRM Industry group held first half year economic activity analysis meeting in Hefei, which comprehensively summarized the group’s operation situation in the first half year and analyzed the current economic situation, deployed the key tasks in the second half year. CRM Industry group leaders and departmental directors attended the meeting in the main venue; leaders of subordinate enterprises and related departmental leaders attended the meeting through the video conference. The meeting shall be presided over by CRM Industry group deputy general manager Chang Chenyi.


During the meeting, chief accountant Hu Chuntang analyzed the financial performance of Industry Group in the first half year, combined with the main characteristics and issues of economic activities, put forward business and capital work arrangement in the second half year.


CRM Industry group general manager Zu Dengyun summarized CRM Industry Group’s comprehensive work in the first half year, analyzed current situation and existing problems; besides, deployed the key tasks in the second half year.


The fist one is focusing on the annual target, through exploring market,  lowering cost and improving efficiency, to complete annual production tasks; Secondly is to earnestly implement monthly and quarterly work task, so that completing the annual work priorities; Thirdly is accelerating the reform of human resource, labor and distribution systems, streamlining our organization, to win the initiative in a new round of reform; Fourthly is to accelerate the development of new project argumentation process, strive to set up a new rail project with incremental value as soon as possible; as well as implementing group’s land project; Fifthly is to accelerate the adjustment of product structure, to speed up the stock of assets, improve management and working ability, continue to promote transformation and upgrading of enterprises; Sixthly is to strengthen basic management and constantly strengthen enterprise operation management, financial risk control, safety production management and system construction; Seventhly, through "San Yan San Shi" special education to improve the work style, promote political, discipline, responsibility consciousness, transformation attitude, improve work, promote each work into effect.


CRM Industry group chairman, Party secretary Ni Lingliang made an important speech at the meeting. Firstly, he introduced the change of leadership in the subordinate companies and put forward new requirements. Chairman Ni summarized group’s economic activities in the first half year, pointed out the problem existing in the four aspects, analyzed current economic situation and put forward the second half year’s requirements:


First of all, we shall build up confidence, overcome difficulties and seize key tasks, to complete the annual target. A series of projects will be implemented in the second half, we must speed up the reform, stimulate the vitality, entrepreneurial innovation, seize the key tasks, carry out the responsibility; Secondly, we must earnestly carry out learning seminars. Seriously organizing learning activities, combining with the national planning, to define the long-term developing direction and the work mentality, enhance motivation; thirdly, we need to strengthen the construction of leadership, achieve excellent team. In terms of the subordinate companies’ leadership, especially for the new leadership, they need to focus on strengthening communication and coordination, strengthening group cohesiveness, creating performance; Fourthly, we need to seize the opportunity, making efforts to develop new products for the new project. Focus on railway equipment manufacturing, maintenance, testing equipment, make full use of market opportunity and policy, actively looking for industry group, and subordinate companies’ new products and new projects, and promote the transformation and upgrading of industry group; Fifthly, with the help of "San Yan San Shi" special education, strengthen the executive power. Through special education, investigating problems, build consensus, work diligently, with strict and solid work style, improve the executive force, complete all work of the annual task.

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