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The subordinate company dynamic
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Taiyuan Sleeper Company Labor Union held job knowledge competition

时间:2015/7/31 17:36:17 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

 Taiyuan Sleeper Company Labor Union held OA system operation, financial management, material management knowledge competition on July 2nd, July 10th and July 16th, combined with the actual position to fully test involves specialized knowledge, a total of 52 people took part in the competition.


The competition is an important part of implementing CRM Joint-stock company trade union’s practice activity. Its purpose is to arouse the enthusiasm of employees through competition activities, improve and strengthen staff's professional accomplishment and business skills, to create a high ideological quality, business ability, work style of professional talent team, so that adapting to the external severe competitive situation, to achieve the goal of turning from loss to profit, the task of reforming and transformation. Competitions have strong support from the company party leaders, the human resources department, office, financial, material and other relevant departments’ active cooperation. Furthermore, before the beginning of the competition, the company carried out business training in terms of the OA system practical operation, financial and material knowledge.


In the future, Taiyuan Sleeper Company Labor Union will continue to deepen the reform and innovation activities, grasp opportunities to expand the market, lean management control costs, compress expenditure reducing cost, increasing the utility of funds, optimize the allocation of resources, revitalize the stock of exploration, strengthen risk management, actively develop ideas of solicitation, fully arouse the enthusiasm of broad worker in the company's innovation and creativity; hence, make positive contribution to the company's reform and development.


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