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Chairman Dai Hegen and CEO Shen Zhaojun had meeting with leaders from China Railway Corporation

时间:2015/8/4 9:50:51 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

Recently, CRM joint-stock company chairman and party secretary Dai Hegen and executive director and CEO Shen Zhaojun visited China Railway Corporation deputy general manager Lu Chunfang, Wang Zhiguo, team leader of discipline Inspection Commission An Limin and leaders from China Railway Corporation capital operation and development department, transport, engineering management center, two sides held pragmatic and efficient talks, which reach a lot of positive consensus.


Chairman Dai and President Shen respectively introduced the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration’s decision on adjustment of the company leadership to Lu Chunfang, Wang Zhiguo and other leaders; then, he introduced the company's business scopes, the latest progress of the reform and development, as well as the overall operating situation in the first half year. Chairman Dai and president Shen expressed appreciation to China Railway Corporation’s support and concerns about the company's business development and support. He hoped CRM joint-stock company could obtain the support from China Railway Corporation and two sides could further deepen cooperation, innovation, cooperation, actively explore strengthen ties through joint venture, realize the complementary advantages and win-win development.


China Railway Corporation Lu Chunfang, Wang Zhiguo and An Limin expressed thanks to CRM company’s contribution to the development of railway construction; they said China Railway Corporation would continue to deepen pragmatic cooperation with the company, carefully research equity investment, joint venture cooperation, etc, seeking complementary advantages to have common development.

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