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CRM industry group’s first labor union congress has a successful conclusion

时间:2015/8/21 10:16:43 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

China Railway Materials Industry Group‘s first trade union congress was held on August 11th. CRM Joint-stock company trade union chairman Zhao Xin, CRM Industry group party secretary Ni Lingliang, executive manager Zu Dengyun,     deputy manager Chang Chengyi, chief accountant Hu Chuntang attended the conference. 72 staff member representatives attended the meeting. Congress set up the main venue in CRM industry group’s headquarter Hefei, six members, respectively, set up a video at the venue. Congress shall be presided over by industry group chief accountant Hu Chuntang.


At 9am in the morning, in the majesty of the national anthem, the congress was opening. CRM joint-stock company of the youth league sent congratulatory message to the meeting.


The congress elected the industry group’s first trade union committee and financial inspection committees, then industry group held the first trade union committees and the first plenary meeting, Chang Chengyi has been elected for the trade union chairman, Haifeng Wang has been elected for the director of financial inspection committee.


CRM Joint-stock ompany trade union chairman Zhao Xin congratulated on the establishment of the group’s labor union and he has made the passionate speech at the conference. In his speech, he fully affirmed the progress that industry group has made, in terms of the group control, system reform and the development of new project for stock company has made a positive contribution to the development of reform. President Zhao put forward three points of suggestions: the first one is to strengthen the cohesiveness and overcome difficult, the staff of unity we realize the healthy development of the company; Secondly was  to improve the system, standardized operation, and give full play to trade unions and workers' representatives in the important role of enterprise development; the third one was  the full implementation of working under the general requirements, to strengthen the construction of style of perseverance.


CRM industry group general manager Zu Dengyun delivered a speech at the meeting on behalf of the industry group, industry group executive management team will strengthen the coordination with the labor union, work together to create a new situation reform and development for the group. The first one was  to attach highly recognition and great importance to the work of labor union, carried out the construction of labor union and enterprise development in the same height; Secondly was  initiative acceptance of labor union organizations to participate in management, in the important decisions, fully adopt the suggestions of labor union; thirdly was  to protect and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, support the labor union in accordance with the law to perform maintenance worker legal rights and interests; Fourthly was  to create conditions for trade union work, pay on time full specified amount to the trade union funds, for the trade union organization to carry out activities to create the necessary conditions and a good environment. He also hoped labor union to participate in enterprise reform initiative, to promote enterprise development and maintain stability.


CRM industry group organizing union leader Chang Chengyi at the conference entitled "agglomerate mental efforts and stay together to create a new situation reform and development of industrial group to strive for a union preparatory work report. His report reviewed all the situations of industry group’s labor union, which included the congress election, preparing the first trade union committee members and financial inspection committees, the preparatory meeting for the first time congress situation; moreover, he analyzed the current situation and put forward the industry group labor union’s tasks in the future.


CRM industry group party secretary, chairman Ni Lingliang made an important speech at the meeting, on behalf of the industry group party committee, he put forward the following suggestions: firstly was to raise awareness and grasp the direction, strengthen the union's work sense of responsibility and mission. Labor union occupies an important position in all the work of the communist party, it was required the labor union to take on the important and irreplaceable role; Secondly was working closely with the center, the service general situation, guide all the employees to take the burden in the reform and development. He hoped through the work of labor union and the theme of "agglomerate mental efforts and stay together" learning seminars to build consensus; furthermore, with the help of “San Yan San Shi” special education, lead the broad worker solidarity, make contribution to the reform, development, transformation and upgrading; Thirdly, in the surrounding of the core tasks, fully implemented all the functions of the union. Promote the cultural integration, agglomeration developing power; enable workers to share the work of enterprise development. Fourthly, being adapting to the situation and strengthening self-capability to enhance the level of labor union work. Industry group shall realize the standardization and systematization of working as soon as possible, especially yej labor union cadres should set a good image, to improve the level of work, to adapt to the new situation new requirements for the work.


CRM industry group’s first labor union congress has a successful completion of the agenda and has a successful conclusion

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