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CRM industry group chairman Ni Lingliang Pingdingshan Sleeper company’s Yunnan Guangtong pillow manufacturing base

时间:2015/8/24 11:43:22 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

On August 13th and 14th, CRM industry group chairman Ni Lingliang, deputy manager Chang Chengyi investigated Pingdingshan Sleeper company’s Yunnan Guangtong pillow manufacturing base, Pingdingshan sleeper manager Sun Wensheng accompanied the investigation.

Chairman Ni Lingliang and other entourage researched the construction site, manager Sun Wensheng and project manager Li Huiqiang made report on introducing the progress and project schedule for the next phase. Industry group’s deputy manager Chang Chengyi and vice director Wang Zhao put forward requirements on project’s preparation and operation.


Chairman Ni Lingliang put forward four points of suggestion on the future project development: firstly was facing and overcoming difficulties, ensure the complete of scheduled tasks, including the establishment, completed, put into operation and forensics in the same year; Secondly, the construction of projects shall adhere to the "supporting" requirements, which are quality, time limit, safety, investment, and honest, demand planning group discipline, moment with "supporting" encouraged to remind yourself, dashing; thirdly was to plan ahead of time marketing, recruitment, training and other work, completes the division of labor, ensure the construction can be put into production and operation; Fourthly was synchronized to form a good organization between the party and the masses, strengthen the foreign institutions of the party construction of ideological and political work.


During the investigation, chairman Ni Lingliang met with Yunnan Lufeng county party committee Chai Wanhong and the county magistrate Yang Jizhou. On behalf of the industry group, chairman Ni Lingliang expressed thanks to the support and help of LuFeng county government. Party secretary Chai and county magistrate Yang communicated the local economy, humanities, investment promotion, etc with chairman Ni. During the talks, the two sides exchanged views on further cooperation, and reached broad consensus.

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