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Joint-stock company held China Railway Materials learning lecture hall

时间:2015/9/8 11:37:32 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

“China Railway Materials learning lecture hall” is a series of theme learning seminars that held by CRM joint-stock company to cultivate learning enterprise culture, deepen the full system “agglomerate mental efforts and stay together” and strengthen employee training. In the afternoon of August 27th, CRM joint-stock company held the first lecture, which invited the CPPCC economic committee professor Jia Kang to gave a speech titled "National economy new normal: the situation and policy, the difficulty and the reform of state-owned enterprises". CRM Joint-stock company party secretary, chairman of the board Dai Hegen, vice secretary of party committee, executive director and CEO Shen Zhaojun and all the employees working in the headquarters joining the learning in the main venue, other subordinated companies’ leaders and staff in parallel session. CRM joint-stock company worker director, trade union chairman Zhao Xin chaired the study.

Professor Jia kang illustrated with detailed data, typical case and a large number of economic information, he described the current macroeconomic situation and its trend, some hot issues in the reform of state-owned enterprises, and has carried on the review analysis for the next-phase development of CRM company.  The lecture was full of point of view, analysis, interaction, a comprehensive understanding of the overall economic situation for our company, which has a very good help and guidance for the transformation of CRM.

In the future, CRM learning lecture hall will focus on economic hot spots, industry development trend, and the difficult problem in the company’s operation and development, inviting the famous experts and scholars, ministries and industry association concerned comrades, through different projects. It was hoped that all the employees attaches great importance to the learning, actively participate in, deepen their thinking, to ensure the learning could achieve real results.

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