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The subordinate company dynamic
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Anhui Tiepeng company held "Autumn Student" activity

时间:2015/9/21 10:21:11 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

In the morning of September 14th, Industry group Anhui Tiepeng Cement company held "Autumn Student" activity and gave student subsidies to 29 worker families.

According to the arrangement of CRM joint-stock company and industry group, the department of human resource and labor union of Tiepeng cement company actively practicing the alliance work conference spirit, on the basis of serious research, the company has established archives for workers’ children and hold a symposium to give subsidiary to staff family.

On the symposium, Tiepeng company general manager Pan Zhengjun, party secretary Cong Yunshi, labor union chairman Fang Qingyou respectively expressed their congratulations on children admitted to university. wish the students could gain success at an early date in the ivory tower; besides, they pointed out the fact that the market situation was tough, the business production task in the last four months of this year was heavy, they hoped everybody could work together to make contribution to completing the production and operation target.

The activity of “Autumn Student” helped solve the actual problem for poor family and provided a certain amount of economic guarantees for their children completing their studies, making the worker felt family warmth in Tiepeng company.

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