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Chairman Dia Hegen and CEO Shen Zhaojun met with CITI group manager Zhou Qiang

时间:2015/9/30 9:07:07 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

On September 23, CRM Joint-stock company chairman, party secretary Dai Hegen, executive directors, President, vice secretary of party committee Shen Zhaojun met with China International Technology Intelligence Cooperation (hereinafter referred to as the "CITI group"), party secretary Zhou Qiang. The two sides held friendly discussions on human resource management cooperation. CRM Joint-stock company party committee standing committee, the chief accountant Liao Jiasheng, some executives and department head, CITI group, deputy party secretary Wang Xu and other relevant departments and branch director attended the meeting.

President Dai Hegen and manager Shen Zhaojun introduced the basic situation of CRM Joint-stock company, the idea of reforming and related requirements of human resources management. He hoped that with the help of CITI group’s professional advantages on intelligence services in the field of professional advantage, for the joint-stock company reform and development to provide strong talent and intelligence support. CITI group general manager Zhou Qiang, party secretary committee and the relevant project director of CITI group, this paper briefly introduced the basic situation and its professional advantages in human resources management consulting services, and shares the company human resources management consulting project and put forward the suggestions. Subsequently, the two sides reached broad consensus on how to further cooperation and made the preliminary arrangement of relevant work.

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