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The subordinate company dynamic
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Zhenlai grain logistics company organized learning twenty-four financial management principles

时间:2015/10/21 11:29:22 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

On September 22, CRM Industry Group organized learning twenty-four financial management principles, Zhenlai grain logistics management staff, middle management and related business department management personnel, a total of seventeen people attended the video conference.



During the meeting, everyone listened to chief accountant Hu Chuntang’s detailed interpretation of the "Twenty-four financial management principles of China Railway Materials Company, and took a detailed record.


After the meeting, general manager Dang Bin put forward specific requirements: the first one is to deliver the conference spirit; it is required to take a lead in-depth study of the financial principles, as part of their daily business code of conduct, set up the consciousness of the red line. The second one is to strictly implement the twenty-four financial management principles; thirdly is all business departments are required to  combine actual business with twenty-four financial management principles, carefully read through these rules and obey the requirements of CRM Industrial Group to carry out the inspection work, immediately improve the existing problem.

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