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CRM company representatives took part in National Railway Workers’ legal knowledge competition

时间:2015/10/22 15:52:41 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

To thoroughly study and apply the fourth plenary session of the party's eighteen and chairman Xi’s series of important speech spirit, general secretary of the national railway union organization "China dream, railway situation, labors’ beauty" National Railway Workers’ legal knowledge final competition was held from October 8th to 11th, 2015 held in Beijing. CRM Joint-stock company selected three competitors took part in the competition.


A total of 26 teams from various branches of railway departments took part in the competition, the competition contains three steps: compulsory questions and the case analysis. During the competition, excellent players from the national railway departments competed with passion and atmosphere is very warm. CRM staff Xiao Suping, Sun Xin, Wei Dong three players, in the joint-stock company labor union, company legal affairs and Beijing trade union organizations, hard to prepare, seriously in the preparatory work before the final. After several rounds of competition, CRM team won the third prize and Xiao Suping comrades won the award for the outstanding individual player


Through this activity, not only it strengthened the company staff in-depth study of legal knowledge, but also enhanced the communication between CRM and other railway units, further created a good atmosphere research method of the usage.

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