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vice President Wang Cai visited industry group Yunnan Guangtong rail company for security check

时间:2015/11/20 9:35:01 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

On October 29th, CRM Joint-stock company vice President Wang Cai visited Industry group Yunnan Guangtong rail company for security checks, operation safety management, vice minister Zhan Xiguang participated in the check.


The main task of the check is to examine Yunnan Guangtong company’s rail sleeper producing line during the construction of production safety situation, he put forward production safety requirements after the operation, implement the responsibility system for production safety.


In the process of inspection, the inspection team listened to the report of project units, inspection on project construction site construction safety, equipment safety status of completed and protective facilities are examined. Besides, he pointed out the security problems of in a timely manner.


Vice President Wang Cai has given a full affirmation on the project construction, and puts forward four points of requirements: the first one is to learn about the important instructions given by main leaders of the party central committee under the state council, and improve safety awareness. The second one is to strengthen production safety training work, make sure only after training qualified can mount guard work; The third one is to strengthen the system construction, improve the safe production management system; Fourthly is to pay special attention to the management of contract employees.


In Yunnan Guangtong Rail company, vice President Wang Cai has carried out a research on Industry group’s Pingdingshan sleeper company’s disposal work production and business operation and risk events.


CRM Industry group chairman Ni Lingliang and Pingdingshan sleeper company general manager and party secretary Sun Wensheng required to earnestly implement the safe production responsibility system, solid on the work safety in production, contribute to the reform and development of joint-stock company

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