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CRM Joint-stock company president Dai Hegen visited industry group

时间:2016/1/4 17:14:44 澳门新葡亰平台官网:

On December 17th-18th, CRM Joint-stock company chairman, party secretary Dai Hegen went to CRM industry group inspect work, and guided industry group leadership "San Yan San Shi" special democratic life, CRM Joint-stock company minister of human resources (personnel department party committee) Du Yuansen  accompanied by inspection guidance.


During the inspection, President Dai listened to the industry group’s working report and gave affirmation on the group’s one and a half year’s achievement. He pointed out that in such a short term, the whole company have done a lot of work, formed the group control mode and system; Transformation in thinking, in industrial projects, buckle accessories and Yunnan industry layout, etc., has made the plan in advance; although this year’s production and operation has been affected by the macro-environment, the whole group has made certain efforts, in terms of basic management, Party construction, cadre team management. President Dai carefully inquired about the risk control, the specific situation of the project development; examine the accountability, etc., stressing the necessity of strengthening the contact with the local railway administrations, accelerating the land development, speed up contacting with scientific research institutions and advanced technology, enhance the sense of working responsibility and urgency. Dai Xiecheng went to Anhui Tiepeng cement company site investigation, requiring companies to seriously implement the "great market, great owners, great projects, great customers, great business" business ideas, to strengthen the risk prevention and control, implementing delicacy management, improve the management level, strengthen the industry cooperation, broaden the cement market, plan company development.


In the morning of 18th December, president Dai attended industry group’s leadership "San Yan San Shi" special democratic life. During the meeting, the industry group general manager, deputy party secretary Zu DengYun reported the preparation in the meeting. Industry Group party secretary Ni Lingliang and other leader team members made the comparison inspection, conducted serious self-analysis and mutual criticism, achieve the unified thought, build consensus, and promote the unity of purpose of the meeting. Minister Du Yuansen has carried on the review to the meeting, hoped industry group, in accordance with requirements of the "San Yan San Shi", promoted talent introduction, technological innovation, production safety, etc.


President Dai gave affirmation on industry group leadership "San Yan San Shi" democratic life, he hoped industry group thoroughly systematic study and apply secretary Xi's important speech spirit, SASAC series file spirit, earnestly studied series reform documents and system implement co. LTD., further emancipated the mind, change ideas, combined with the actual landing the particulars of the measures, for industry group, make good use of democratic life, serious study to solve grass-roots unit and worker masses opinion suggestion.


Combined work inspection with democratic life, president Dai put forward seven points of requirements: the first one is in the transformation and upgrading. Seek a high content of science and technology, strong core competitiveness of the technology and products. The second one is to focus on the market and product development research and development. To expand market share, existing products on the industry chain extension, high-value, in the market, fully consider the product development direction, the demand of the inter-city rail transit and subway. The third one is to strengthen basic management. Carefully planning and promote the fine management. Fourthly is to deepen the reform, increasing innovation. Fifthly, it must work hard to guard against risks. In the process of merger and acquisition, it shall obey the rules of taking the same amount of shares and rights, responsibility. Sixthly, is the enforcement accountability, improve the executive force, to organize work enforcement accountability. Seventhly is to strengthen party building and the alliance,  negative primary party committee, party secretary of the first responsibility, team members "a pair of responsibilities," the responsibility to grasp the implementation of the "two", to serve the production and business operation, integrated into the production and business operation, coagulation hearts meet force effect.


During the meeting, president Dai solicit industry group leaders’ opinions and suggestions. Industry  group party secretary, chairman Ni Lingliang, general manager, deputy party secretary Zu Dengyun said on behalf of the leadership team must be in accordance with the requirements for wearing the chairman, to consolidate and deepen the thematic education results, corrective to carry out the "three steady tightening real" problem, under the correct leadership of the joint stock company, lead all staff hard work, innovation, reform, efforts to complete business objectives, promote the development of industrial group transformation.


After the meeting, the industry group party committee held a special meeting, convey president Dai’s speech. During the meeting, industry group deployed next specific work, and focused on the problem of rectification "lax false" has made the careful arrangement. According to the meeting requirements, the group convey president Dai’s speech, coagulation hearts meet force, help each other, and when, with the spirit of the second venture, the determination of the clerk starts, practical work attitude, strict fine solid work style, solidarity work passion and mental state, seize the day to promote reform and development of industry group, making contribution to the reform of CRM Joint-stock company.

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